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Member deposits have helped local businesses find solutions through COVID-19 and support artists to transform boarded up windows into painted wonderlands.

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When 30% of profits go back into the community, it stays strong, even in a pandemic. These stories and programs can exist because members choose us – a bank credit union that keeps our money local, fights for financial inclusion and finances environmental sustainability.

Money in the time of COVID-19

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Stories from our neighbourhoods

The Ellis Building


Smoke rolled down Main Street where the 110-year-old building became a victim of vandals with a blowtorch. As if the pandemic wasn't enough. Like others, The Ellis Building boarded up for protection when the streets emptied due to COVID-19, but plain walls also invited vandalism and fire.

While the fire was contained, some lost their art to ashes at the iconic Ellis Building. Home to 19 studios, it survives to continue bringing ratio-fit denim, rock n’ roll jewelry, nostalgia and more.

Now guarded by a dragon and a flock of crows, painted by Paige Bowman, funded by a community that powers values-based banking.

Potluck Catering

Downtown Eastside

Somehow the superhumans at Potluck managed to make and deliver tens of thousands of meals in the DTES during a global crisis with a team of about 25 people.

“By feeding people where they are, we help keep them in place which helps prevent the spread of COVID.” – Naved Noorani, General Manager

In regular times, Potluck is a thriving catering and café "social enterprise". That's a business model that makes money for the purpose of good. For Potluck, that's providing on-the-job training by employing DTES residents with barriers to employment. Profits then go into meal programs for vulnerable residents and growing the business.

During this tough time, they received funding from Vancity through the Community Response Fund and pays it forward through partnerships with other businesses to help feed the Downtown Eastside safely.